DΣLTΛ IV - Iteration 3 Reveal


Its epic

Looks awesome! What’s the tilted chassis for?

wow, that looks great! What made you choose not to have a shooter?

Looks like a more efficient version of the old one. :slight_smile: 6 motor base is also pretty fun! Can you get on the platform, and if not, why?

I totally agree with this. It’s way easier to practice, program, and compete with a specialized robot than one that tries to do everything. I had a robot that theoretically could do everything but came in nearly last place at a tourney because it could only do so much in the match.
I think maybe by worlds we’ll see successful “do-it-all” robots, but until then, specialization seems like the best bet. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen that a specialized bot tends to be better and more aggressive than a well-rounded bot. especially If you can get an alliance that specializes in whatever you don’t.

I’ve been a fan of this robot for a while. Still looks great, however I don’t see a whole lot of changes since the first iteration. Not sure what I would have changed, either!

Still loving the passive post aligner. Any plans to speed up the drive? Seems like literally the only thing you could do faster.

It allows us to climb the platforms without bottoming out. It also brings our center of gravity forward

We wanted to focus on one task during a competition. and through trial, we decided that shooting and doing caps is too demanding for our single robot. so instead we focus on caps and defense. and so far, it has worked out for us

Yes, we can get on the platform. that was one of the main intentions we had for the tilted base. it allows us to climb fast without bottoming out. I would even say we are one of the fastest bots to climb.

Thank you for the complement!
though it may not look like a lot has changed, there has been a ton! to list a few:
we converted from v4 to v5, we got all new metal and painted it to our theme, we re-built the intake to make it more consistent. and we re-designed our drive so we can glide up the platforms with ease

That’s the conclusion we came to as well. we added a fly wheel to our v4 robot and took it to competition. though we won, we found out that it wasn’t needed, and like half way through the tournament, we completely ignored our flywheel and only did cap scoring.

Yeah, only problem with being a specialized cap bot though is you can’t de-score flags. So if they don’t have a shooter for an alliance partner, the shooters will take the flags and then de-score and play defense for the rest of the match making it very hard for cap bots. Makes it really hard during qualifications if you don’t get shooters as partners. If you do get shooters thats a whole different story though, especially in elimination rounds.

In the qualifiers if they are the best robot they will probably win. Remember auton and parking are a big chunk of points. If they get most of the caps, win auton and center park they will be fine every time.

This is true, especially at smaller tourneys, but if you are a good cap bot vs a good shooter, 9/10 times the shooter will come out on top. Remember at the start of the match 1/3 of the flags are scored for shooters and if they have a strong auton then 2/3 by driver control with the last two being the neutral ones. Now in a real match you’ll have a partner, and you are correct about parking and autonomous, we recently lost a finals match because of that exact reason. My point is that cap bots have a pretty large disadvantage to shooters, especially if they get bad partners and any decent opponents. Shooters can typically contest caps and platforms pretty well, while cap bots can’t contest flags at all.

Wow, that’s really great! How have you guys been faring against cap descorers in competitions? Have they been countering you guys, or do you just put the cap back right after they have descored it?

I completely agree with you that they are at a disadvantage. I just think it’s not quite as cut and dry. If the capbot is built better than the flagbot for their respective tasks the capbot has a potential advantage.
On a completely even playing field I think flagbots have a big advantage. I was just trying to point out that as a high quality team, they can easily make up for their disadvantage by creating stronger autonomous programs and having a more sound consistent bot.

I agree, and when elimination time comes around I find the best cap bot I can and pick them if I’m a captain. A good capper shooter combo is almost unbeatable if done correctly. Now autonomous is another thing that shooters have an advantage in. It is far easier to hit flags in autonomous than post caps, and flags are worth more when taking swing points into account.

Well, if you look into all of the variables, a passive alligner as seen here for cap bots could and probably would make all the difference. It all depends on the robot combo.

Agreed. Especially how specialization’s are becoming more popular, having the right partner is everything, and that is where cap bots do have a severe advantage. Good shooters always want good cap bot partners, and considering how few of them there are, they are going to be highly sought after for partners.