DΣLTA IV - Early Season Robot Reveal


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now the community can pick apart the cap intake hmm

It looks like a pretty clean robot but IMO it would be obliterated by a good descorer.

I would debate this. Do the big DM

True, but I feel like you could say that about any cap bot, no matter how fast it was. Also, a good descorer would have no time to shoot balls in order to keep up with that scoring speed.

Wow! Really Good! This is one of the best cap bots!

I love this robot. It’s built so smartly. I feel that good cap bots by worlds will be more or less rare, and one like this will be OP.
Looks great!

If the opposing alliance pushes grounded caps into corners and scores flags for the first 45 seconds of driver control, they should be able to do follow delta’s robot around descoring faster than delta can score.

@[TVA]Connor is it cool if I post the video of you driving the robot for the first time from discord so we can have a more informed discussion about this robot? Thanks fam!


XD I am fully aware of the community, but I think I’ll do just fine (hopefully, I mean)

Well, it does depend… You could also consider the mass amount of time you’re wasting from another robot as you score on the post while they attempt to descore. In fact I’d garuntee a 3 point swing while they constantly gamble between a 1 point and 3 point as they descore.

Thank you :smiley: It took me so long to make this robot considering school and other activities other than robotics. But I am very glad with the outcome of the robot and I enjoy different and unique designs compared to the normal designs.

Thank you so much!!!

Yea sure thing! In fact let me make some robot videos public as well…

You would have to be careful about the hoarding rule.

This is true. Correct me if I am wrong, but it is my understanding that pushing as many caps as you can into a corner with a flat or convex surface would not constitute hoarding, AS LONG AS you yield to an opposing robot attempting to get to said caps.

Nice quality! And I agree that some people are making a lot of assumptions about de-scorers that don’t yet seem justified. Personally, I think one with a de-scorer and one with a scoring lift will make the best pairing.

Even if it isn’t robotics itself, I also love the TVA with flame. Someone did a nice job with that.

Btw, Greek Σ is like our S, while Greek E is like our E, so I read “DSLTA” at first. I figured it out quickly, though.

And to think that I thought a cap bot would be irrelevant early season. Now im really tempted to scrap our shooter bot idea and dive head first into cap scoring. :slight_smile:

Well a bot that could shoot balls and lift caps would be better. Never know who you will get paired up with. Like if 2 cap scoring bots get paired up they could loose to a flag shooting bot and a cap scoring bot.

so far in Tennessee there are a plethora of good shooters(not that they will ally with anyone else) and another one of our teams are going into shooting. Just want to keep the dynamic duo going.

And it’s not like it’s impossible to be good at both. Even with an active flipper, you still only need 1 for lift and one for flipper to do caps, and with a 4 mtr base that leaves two motors for a ball system. And with cortex, you could use a 6 mtr base, a 1 mtr flipper, a 2 mtr lift, a 1 mtr intake and a 2 mtr shooter.

It just ends up being whether you want to be a jack of all trades or a master of one

I wouldn’t say this is necessarily true. Cycle time for both balls and caps depends a lot on drive, so assuming a four motor v5 base, if you’re willing to use a passive cap flipper, that still leaves one for intake and two for shooter and even if you want an active flipper that still leaves you one for shooter and one for intake, and you don’t need a ton of energy for a good shooter.