D-Scoring in this years game

Hey guys, today I’m coming with a question about D-scoring in this year’s game. Now I know that direct physical contact with other team’s cube’s is not allowed, but what if there is indirect contact? What if we would could launch one of our cubes to d-score our opponents cube stacks? Is that allowed?

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Read the rules first; that’s not allowed. You can’t use a cube to do something that is normally illegal.


Ok. Appreciate your response.

I’m wondering if there is any other ideas from people of the most efficient ways to d-score in this year’s game. My team was thinking of grabbing the towers and spinning them until the cube falls out just to later read the rules (Whaaaaatttt! Why would you do that?..) and find out it’s illegal. We have had no other grand ideas. Anyone else?

Yeah, I feel you. That was the only actual idea we had for d-scoring that we thought would bend the rules to an extent. :frowning:

Most teams plan to use rollers to suck cubes out of the towers.
Also its descoring, not D scoring


i know but that had a red line under it so i just changed it to the spelling in the topic name:slightly_smiling_face:

ok talking about d scoring,

say opponent is unloading his stack to the unprotected score zone. if my robot hits the robot from behind, causing unloading cubes to fall from the robot.

is it allowed?


I dont see anything wrong with it as long as you keep the following rule in mind.

Keep Cubes in the field. Teams may not intentionally remove Cubes from the field. While Cubes
may accidentally leave the field when attempting to Score, doing so intentionally or repeatedly would be
a violation of this rule. Cubes that leave the field during Match play, intentionally or unintentionally, will
not be returned.
Minor violations of this rule that do not affect the Match will result in a warning. Match Affecting
offenses will result in a Disqualification. Teams that receive multiple warnings may also receive a Disqualification at the Head Referee’s discretion

The term for towers is “placed”, you will never descore from towers, you can only remove from them.


Heads up, everyone should watch all the ref videos. Also, try out the ref certificate course. There is no excuse for not knowing the rules of a game you will end up putting over a hundred hours into before the season even starts, given that Vex has released amazing tools for learning said rules.

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Could you provide a link to the ref videos and certificate course?


The head ref certification course is at https://certifications.vex.com/.

The ref training videos are on YouTube here.


I think you meant to say this


okay. sorry. note taken.

Reading over the game manual multiple times is also a good ifea

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