Daisy Chained IME's not lighting up

Hi, we are having a problem with our IME’s not lighting up aside from the first one in the chain(the one plugged directly into the I2C port). Individual motors all work and blink green when the cortex is turned on, but only when directly plugged into the port. IME’s connected to the first IME do not light up green or show any sign of them being connected, but the first one will continue to blink.

We have also tried changing which encoder is plugged in to the port first, and changed the order of the motors after that.

To help troubleshoot: do IME’s blink at all when the robot is turned on, regardless of if they are configured in ROBOTC?

Thanks! Any suggestions are appreciated.

The IME are real picky how they like to be plugged in. Many many times I have to re plug them. If you correctly plug them in as you know they will blink green and if there is a problem they will some times go red, but most of the time they do nothing when some thing is wrong. When you daisy chain the four wires are flipped. I want to say right of the bat you are not plugging in the second wire all the way or right. The second plug is deeper in then the first.

Best suggestion I can give is just keep plugging the second one in and shutting off the cortex every time it doesn’t work so they can initialize properly.

Here is guide to make sure you are wiring write.

Every 3 sec
Green Blink - initialized, valid I2C communications, in neutral
Green Double Blink - initialized, valid I2C communications, in neutral and terminated

Blinking Green - relative to speed
Solid Green - full speed in either direction

Yellow (same as Green patterns) - counter overflow

Solid Red - data is being written to EEprom (1sec)
Blinking Red - address range error (a valid address will clear error)

Green Blip - I2C communications lost, initialized and in neutral
Green Double Blip - I2C communications lost, initialized, neutral and terminated

It should do the Green Blip with out robotC. I would practice on an extra cortex and two IME if the parts are available just for the ease.](http://www.vexrobotics.com/wiki/index.php/Intergrated_Motor_Encoders)