Dallas Scouting

Is anyone out there setting up any sort of system before the event? Have any other teams set up collaberations of teams to collect data? I worked with a team with good system in Omaha and hoping to have it refined to the point of being able to do match prediction by Dallas :rolleyes:

Team 254 would be very interested in collaborating for scouting - we have been keeping a database of all qualified teams, with some robot information filled in.

how many parents a nd volunteers do you have with you non robot involved? We put them in the stands to record each match. Once that info is entered into the system we are working on having some sort of wireless server setup which could be accessed by anything with wifi. I will talk to the group organizing all this, I’m just on the tech side for now. I’ll pm interested teams that ask and are approved by my partners. I hope they add people to it. I say the bigger, the stronger the info would be.

Count us in. I’ll point our chief scout to this thread.

829(a and t) will be happy to work with reitz again, we had a…decent… scouting system in Omaha and are looking to improve it. Count us in.

I may be the only student from my team at Dallas, but I’d be willing to help with scouting data also, if I can find time in between doing everything…:slight_smile:

Count Highlands Intermediate in! :slight_smile:
We have our seventh graders do the scouting but they actually took better notes than the high schools that we were alliance with.

I can’t guerentee anything but ill see if i can get some of my guys so help

pm me your email. I have been talking to my expert who is going and he thinks we can get our own network and server up. (bring your itouch) And i dont think we have the data from last week to get the math for the predictor program started.

I would be intrested. and I would like to help input. Contact me

Sounds cool - we’re in.

Have the officials from Vex said you can setup a wireless network at the World champs?
At our regional all wireless interfaces on the computers had to be turned off.

254 could contribute 2-4 guys; all our other students are drivers and coaches.

I take it that because of the variety of teams participating in this, the scouting data will be strictly objective (match score, team record, # of goals scored, cube capacity, etc.). If there is going to be a web server, can we arrange some method of taking pictures of the robots (each team covers a row in the pit, for example)?

I still need to figure out how we will make this whole system work. Ideally there will be a local wireless network with our router and some sort of server computer to run it. One or two people from our side will probably be just doing as close to real time date input as possible as it comes to us from the data collection side. I hope to have each robot with a profile page with a picture. I will do my best to make it organized logically so it is easy to use!! There should also should be larger spreadsheets for comparison of data across the filed of competitors. Worst case it will be a form of excel on the server with all the same info just not as user friendly but just as helpful. A prediction program is also in the works. This is a huge undertaking with 200+ teams. I’ll be working with some people who know more about setting up a local server and building a site on it this upcoming week. Expect updates!

Not officially, but i dont see there being a problem with a private wireless network being setup. It’s not like we could cause any interference with theirs.

I have a question i know the college championship is running off wireless is the vex one to?

No, not this year - the college championship is supposed to be the pilot for the wifi system.

Vex has always been wireless. I’ve heard that the college competition will use wi-fi Vex 2 controllers, while the middle- and high-school tournament is still using crystals and RC-style radios.

I’m just laughing at the premise of scouting for this competition. Why don’t we all just go have a good time; if a team has a better bot, they’ll beat you whether your aware of their superiority or not.

That’s not what scouting is for. Scouting means not having to stand at the front of the room during alliance selections wondering, “which of these 37 remaining robots can get us to the championship?” At this point of the season, most teams have had this experience, or seen another team inexplicably picking the worst team in the tournament while leaving 14 good teams watching eliminations from the stands. Every team good enough to get invited to Championships is good enough to need a list of the top 20 teams at the event. Without that list, alliance selection can be a cold, lonely spot.

And that, Charlie Brown, is the meaning of scouting.