Dallas venue questions

I have a few questions about the Dallas Convention Center logistics.

  1. Does someone know an approximate distance and/or walking time from the pit to the competition area? How about from the pit to the spectator area? If it’s 1/4 mile or more, we’d like to be prepared for that.

  2. Will team members be able to travel directly from the spectator area to the competition area within a reasonable time (5 minutes or less) if they have the proper ID?

  3. How many team members will be allowed onto the competition area for each match? I’m assuming at least 1 coach and 2 drivers, but will a media/extra person be allowed?

  4. Are outside food and drink permitted to be brought into the venue? If not, is there an open courtyard or paved area near the pit/competition area/spectator area where hunter/gatherers can bring food for the team?

I’m sure we’ll come up with more questions as the time draws closer

While were on this topic I have one more question. The competition is from april 30th to may 2nd. That is Thursday-Saturday. Will teams be allowed in Wednesday night like last year to set up?