Dallas World Championships 2010 non-team stuff

Aside from the teams and the robots, I really liked how the queuing lines worked. Teams could stand in line while watching the matches, and it was easy for the field personnel to see that everyone was queued up. The one-way path also reduced confusion and simplified the process. We also had enough room around the fields for everyone to get their job done with minimal crowding.

Was anybody else really annoyed by the people who wouldn’t let you into the arena without a badge even if you were wearing safety glasses and it was obvious that you were a member of a team?

I loved the live webcast. I could watch Science were my teams were, the College events where KTOR was and the other three divisions. Angles were great you could see the robots up close and in action.

First match team 80 was in the camera zoomed in so you could see the pot on the main shoulder gear and the wires coming down the side support tube zip tied every 2". It was amazing. I had better views of the matches at home than Karthik did :slight_smile:

I’ll second kudos to the que managment people, the match schedule was pretty much on the money all weekend long.

They were just doing their jobs. You weren’t supposed to be in the main arena without a driver or coach badge anyway, so it sounds like the system worked.

For what it’s worth, I saw the people guarding the entrance stop the CEO of Innovation First, and they wouldn’t let him through either until he dug his staff badge out of his bag. So, they were definitely applying the rules to everyone, which is what they were paid to stand there and do.

That does make sense. They should’ve given us some sort of programmer badge or a badge for people who need to get stuff for the drivers and the coach though.

I didn’t mean to say that it was a bad thing for them to do their job, but there were a few situations where we needed a part and it would’ve saved time to send someone else to get it.

I completely agree. Our team was somewhat confused when we heard the P.A. announcement saying that our division was running ahead of schedule.

It may be a good idea to make a suggestion to VEX that they allow one additional “pit crew” badge if your team makes it to the event finals in the main arena. I’m not certain of the way to actually submit a suggestion; maybe someone else will reply here with some advice.

I don’t know if they’d be likely to add an additional team member to the main arena floor or not, though. It was pretty crowded down there as it was (hence the strict rules about badges). But it can’t hurt to ask, right?

i liked the queing lines too
but the volenteers always seemed to be queing us a bit early…
“1107c? not yet, just wait for 5 mins in that corner over there”
rather spent the 5 mins scouting if you ask me
good organizing overall
and btw is there video documentation on ALL the matches
as well as the final score?
think cody mentioned something about his 1tb hard drive
did that work out?

This is Geraldine Jones, one of the mentors for Montclair Robotics team 677, Keepin’ Up with the Joneses

I wanted to know what the options would have been for my team if we had been in the pit when our 3 minute time out was up to be presented with choices on how to proceed.

Here are the circumstances:

We had a broken motor that we were changing and one of our alliances had a broken chain drive, so only one team was available to play the match. I know in FRC you can pick another team to fill in for you. Is there that option in VEX or anything similar.

When there was only one team that could play, they let you use a protobot (you had to find your own drivers).

We were never given that option. One of my team members would have driven it while the other replaced the motor.

Maybe they did not give you that option in the finals, the main reason there was a protobot was if your qualifying match partner never showed up (mainly if they were not at the tournament).

There’s a key difference in FRC, though: all 3 members of an alliance play in each match. In VEX, since only 2 of the 3 are playing, I believe the thinking is that you already have your backup robot in the form of your 3rd alliance partner.

Also, in FRC, you don’t get to pick another team, it’s the next-highest seed that isn’t already on an alliance, and once you sub them in, they’re in for the rest of the tournament (i.e. if you replaced your own team with a sub, your own team would be done with the tournament and wouldn’t get to compete anymore).

Two of the robots had malfunctioned so we only had one that could compete. We would have put a sub in for our non working alliance, not ourselves, since we were the alliance captain. since there was only 1 working robot, the next highest seeded team would have been better than no team at all and being knocked out of the competition because we had only one working robot on our alliance at that point in time. We would have taken our chances and gone with the next highest seeded team.

Also if we had to pull ourselves out and let our alliances continue without us it would have been fine. We would have cheered them on…

Even the protobot would have been better than nothing.

I hope they will be changing this for next year, so that it doesn’t happen to other teams.

Geraldine Jones

I think our alliance had the same problem, but we fixed our robot after calling a timeout. I believe that is what the timeout was for, or did you already use your timeout before that.

Besides, I believe the thinking was that most robots in elimination matches would either be reliable or easy to fix.

Any comments on the alliance selection process? This method is used at some local events so we wanted to see if it would work at Worlds. I thought it went well, but what do you think?

The alliance selection went pretty quickly and smoothly (barring one team not knowing the team number of the team they wanted to select), but I didn’t really see the point of bringing the robots – unless a team didn’t scout beforehand, there was no reason to carry the robot there. That’s just my opinion though.

i agree
the alliance selection went very swiftly
i remember in some reinal competitions, teams were like “idk who to pick” and had a “Team discussion” for the next 5 mins
the teams really scouted well :slight_smile:

I know the game is suppost to incourage Teamwork etc , But i do think if you deny to go with a team you should be able to be repicked.I know it would mean there would be alot of backstabbing but it would stop people throwing games to pretend there robot is bad to get picked by the first team.

I believe this rule exists to prevent super alliances from forming. Let’s say that three robots, let’s call them 1, 2, and 3, are clearly the best at a tournament and they want to team up. Team 1, for example, decides to not try their hardest and ends up ranked #15. Team 2 is the top-ranked team, and team 3 is also in the top eight. Team 2 picks team 3 for their first choice. All seven other alliance captains then try to pick #1, which declines everyone until team 2 – the #1 alliance captain – then picks them as their second choice. They now have their unbeatable alliance. The current method has been worked out over years of VEX and FIRST competitions, and produces better parity among the alliances, more interesting elimination rounds, and keeps “super alliances” from forming. It also generally rewards teams for trying hard to make it into the top 8.

The other problem with revising this rule is that it would make alliance selection take longer. Tournament directors already dread the “I can’t make up my mind” alliance captains, this would just make it worse.