Dallas Worlds- Party???

Hi, this is Iao School robotics. We are going to the Worlds competition in Dallas, and we heard there was going to be a party. We heard that there were going to be games and entertainment, but not what kind… some of our team members are skeptical about whether it was worth going to. If anyone has any info. or details about the party, please reply! We’d appreciate any help!:smiley:

The details are a secret, but it’s a bargain for $15, including dinner. Check out this link: https://vexforum.com/t/photos-from-the-vex-robotics-world-championship/15800/1 and follow the link to pictures from last year. I thought the party was amazing (and last year I didn’t work for VEX). The space VEX has reserved for the party is a lot bigger than last year. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated!!!

Actually, we’re from Hawaii, and coming all the way to Texas is a big deal. We’d like opinions about the party… is it worth taking time off to do this? Otherwise, we would use our time in Texas in a wiser way like going sightseeing or something.

You didn’t work for Vex last year? :eek:

Really? Guess that technically makes two of us.

Everything we have heard about ‘the party’ makes us believe that it is THE party to go to.:stuck_out_tongue: If you do anything while in Dallas go to the party. We will be comming all the way from New Zealand and there is nothing on earth that will stop us going!

Team members, parents and siblings associated with our team all thought the party was excellent and one of the highlights of the trip. There was absolutely no hesitation to pay the money and attend again this year. We are looking forward to it!

You won’t find a cheaper, better meal for $15 (last year it was all-you-can eat buffet), and when the students came home, the first thing they told the parents about was unique entertainment. Oh, and by the way, the finals were pretty awesome, too.

In general, we found good, inexpensive food in Dallas very hard to come by, and the entertainment options were not easy to access, even though we had a vehicle. As a result, most of the team experienced “total immersion” in the Vex events (although a few members did take a museum trip) and seemed glad to do so.

Hey, be sure to say hi to our team at worlds (Team 2438 - `Iolani School) and enjoy it no matter the outcome of the competition. The party is really awesome, last year they had a ton of those inflatable things, ArcAttack, and the food was really good. Basically although the competition was awesome, most of the funny (or hilarious) stories come from the party :P.

4 words: Go to the party.

Also, our kids enjoyed winning free Hexbugs and stuff… again and again…

Hey it’s 'Iolani and McKinley!!! U guys r going to the party? Just wanted to congratulate u guys for making it! We made it to finals and worlds for the first time!:smiley:

Let us pray that the Gods of Weather allow us safe passage through the streets of Dallas this time - unlike last year’s tropical storm (most memorable: meter high sewage water shooting from the manholes).

Yes, we live in Maryland, and it was rainy when we left home, and rainy when we got to Dallas, and was still rainy when we got back home! XD At least the party is at the convention center this year.

Time to spread a rumor!

Mythbusters are gunna crash the Vex party! :smiley:

I demand an explosion of some kind, or at least that massive nVidia paint-ball cannon.