Dallas worlds party

Hey, we were going to Dallas worlds, and we were wondering if we should go to the party. The info. about entertainment and games was kind of vague, and we would like to be sure so we know it’s worth going to. If anyone has any further info. or if someone went last year and knows what it’s like, please reply!

Hey we were wondering if the Dallas worlds party is worth going to. The emails didn’t say what kind of games and entertainment there would be. If anyone has any further info. or if you’ve been to last year’s party, please reply!!!:smiley:

last year’s vex social was great!!! a lot of free games (activities), most using some sort of inflatables, such as boxing, soccer, gladiator(?), a few console games, free ice cream, free food, free drinks, live concert(idk who it will be this year), etc. I would say its worth it.

EDIT: woops i quoted the wrong post :3

Cool. :D:D:D:D:D