Dark theme for this very forum

Are you tired of feeling like you are staring directly into the sun when you use this website?
what about that unsightly bar at the bottom of the page?
is this the only site you use with a white background?

fear not for I have created a revolutionary new product that will solve all of your problems!

All joking aside I created a dark theme for this forum because eyestrain is a thing. It turns everything dark and removes the navigation bar at the bottom of the page. In order to use this you need 3 things

Comments and criticism welcome

EDIT: attached a screenshot
screen shot.PNG

I seem to remember a lot of discussion of this back when I was still Cave Johnson, the New Forum had just been released and we could put raw HTML into our signatures without any adjustment or sanitation. Though there was more usage of the StyleBot utility (for chrome) as it allowed you to fine tune and adjust your own CSS theme with ease.

Take a look here for relevant threads:

Hi, just downloaded the theme and I’m using it to type this reply right now. This theme is great because it’s very similar to the one that I use when programming. Great Work! Thanks,

That looks pretty similar to the dark theme I made when the forum first released on stylebot.

It’s also a lot cleaner though, and it seems stylebot is dead now.

Very nice!

I have one problem- there’s a pretty jarringly white border around posts in a thread:

However, after looking around for what would be causing this border to appear, I came up empty… :\

One other issue I have is that it’s a bit harder to tell the difference between unread and read posts from the main dashboard

Thanks so much for making this!

Oh my gosh, this looks great!
Thank you very much!