Dart Blaster Attachment for V5 Clawbot

I have a V5 clawbot kit and was wanting to put a dart blaster system on instead of the claw. It will have a spot to put a dart, and it needs to be able to prime and fire the blaster. Any ideas on how to prime and fire it?

you could attach a Nerf gun to a plate with ribbon steel and zip ties, and then use the claw motor to pull the trigger. you can make this a simple or as complicated as you would like

do you have a diagram or something? Thanks.

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You do also need to prime it, right? Also, its a school project so i would not like to bring a dart blaster to class.

you could maybe make a flywheel but that would be a pretty complicated build. putting a small nerf pistol type gun with a motor on the trigger and on primer would be your best bet.
Iā€™d use a rack and pinion system for priming.
The best way to learn how to build things is to try any ideas that come to mind.
Hope this helps