Dashboard Viewer Overview

Dashboard Viewer is a free program for your PC written by Innovation First to view the data to/from your Robot Controller. If you connect the DASHBOARD port of your OI to your PC’s serial port, you can display the data on your screen. The Dashboard Viewer can be downloaded here, http://www.ifirobotics.com/dashboard_viewer.shtml.

There are two options for viewing data through the DASHBOARD port. They can be selected by moving the jumper labeled “OI/RC” which is located between the DASHBOARD port and PORT 1 on your OI. If the jumper is set on OI, the Dashboard Viewer will automatically display the data being sent from the OI to the RC, such as joystick and button data. If the jumper is set on RC, it will change to display data sent back from the RC to the OI, such as sensor data, PWM output values, etc.

Also, if your “Program State” light is flashing red, it will display details about what code violation occurred, to help you debug your program.