Data Storage and Editing

Is it possible to store information on a cortex other than a program? I want to be able to store encoder information, time, and motor control value. If I can’t store it on the cortex, is there a way that I can transmit it to the computer that I’m using to program it?

Regarding the storage of information in the cortex I am unsure. However, for the transmitting of values from the robot to the computer you may want to try opening the sensors debugger window in robot c while your computer is connected to the robot via a USB cable, this will give you ‘live’ values of your encoder values. Hope this helps.

If you are using robot C 3 or 4 you can write to the debug stream. If you are using 4 you can also graph you data.

How do I do that while I’m driving the robot?

If you have a wireless programming cable like the image attached you plug that into your controller and computer. then upload to via (F5) (still wireless). you can then go to robot > debugger windows > Sensors and it will show you sensor values. you could also use wirteDebugStreamLine(); to print data to the debug steam which can be opened by robot > debugger windows > debug Stream. you can look here for graphing. Make sure you hit start to enable you to drive and read values.

Thanks for the help! I’m going to attempt to make an AI controlled auton.

Here’s a long thread with much information about writing sensor and motor information to the debugstream.

If you really want to do this, you should read the thread. If you want to jump in and get to the code that writes data to the debugStream, go to the end of the thread, and read the last 4 or 5 posts.