They always say to never date your co-workers for various reasons.

Well, how about dating in the robotics community? Yea? Or nay?

If the answer is yes: How come?
I can see many ways it could go wrong. Seeing them only once a month? Less, if you only attend 2-3 competitions.
What if you break up? Forced to see them at other qualifiers would be AWKWARD.

Also if yes: What’s the best way to woo your dream guy/gal at a competition? :wink:
A robotics themed proposal? Nerdy pickup lines?
(Are you a keyboard? Because you are my TYPE)

If no: How come?
All guys and girls at these competitions are there because they hold the same passions and interest.
There’s also a high chance you could end up at the same college!

Share your opinion below! Dating in VEX. Y/N?

We’ve seen a few couples but not that many in our club. Ratio is 5:1 guys:girls though. Reminds me of line from a college tour describing the girl to guy ratio. “The odds are good, but the goods are odd”

No special pick up lines were seemingly used, just normal dating techniques.

We even have an example of one couple on the same team. Break up in same team could be a problem but we will possibly cross that bridge in the future. It depends upon the people involved and the circumstances.

Another example was cross-team (still same club). So no magic bullet. Sorry.

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In-club dating, yes.

Out-of-club I could go with both. Whenever I am at competition I try to be as professional as possible, but there are some amazing gals I have met that would be cool to hook up with. I don’t see there being a problem with this, but I wouldn’t do this.

My pickup line/wooing game is weak though, so hopefully some of the other replies are good.

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My rule is no same-robot dating. Having couples for the club is somewhat unavoidable with the number of hours the students spend together. As a mentor, I don’t want to have to deal with robot custody battles. Sadly this rule came into existence after an issue at worlds…

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Same school dating: fine if they can stay focused
Out of school dating: great but no way is once or twice a month enough…
Pick up lines: your sin must be pi/2 cause you are the one, don’t stand so close to the motor it’s overheating, and if you touched a 8 bit heat sensor it would read 257
Wooing: Fix their robot, annihilate him/her in a match, and fancy pick up lines^^^
good luck robonerd! :wink:

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I’ve certainly met a lot of really cool guys that I get along with great because we all share really similar interests. Everyone in Vex is also super nice.

Nerdy pickup lines? Solve for “i”! 9x-7i > 3(3x-7u) Hahaha. <3

Haha, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea! I started out in Skyrise as an absolute amateur. We got paired up with a more experienced team (one of them was… kinda cute…) and it was completely embarrassing, but we made up for it this year by beating them twice. Does that count as annihilating?? :wink:

Good luck robonerd!! :smiley:

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You’re all too busy for dating at your age. AP courses and independent research projects take priority over fun. If you must have fun, then build a robot to have fun for you.

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Totally agree with FullMetalMentor.

I don’t know how I quite feel about this sentiment. Obviously this whole thread is pretty ridiculous but I’ll will attempt to add something to the discussion.

The idea that dating almost exclusively makes you do worse in your other endeavors seems to be pretty common but I disagree. I would say dating someone who is intelligent and also passionate about interesting subjects makes people more well rounded. In addition for me at least being really close to someone led to her always being a good influence on my work ethic in all facits of life. (GPA rose almost a whole point and did better in just about everything)

I would even think better emotional health would directly just make all time working on projects more successful. A cursory googling seems to show a lot of articles agreeing with that very concept.

I guess just don’t be in a terrible relationship. Healthy relationships with people who are making good decisions with their lives can be healthy for young people.

Vex is about building NOT dating, but nice statement. It is a difficult question to answer. So to make a long story short, Love builds but sometimes it does not work.

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Sometimes dating in a controlled environment can be an opportunity to learn to interact properly in a safe way. Our team had a couple that was very “touchy feely” at first and made others feel uncomfortable. After restricting PDA’s, I noticed that over time, they stopped interacting like “star-crossed lovers” and started sounding like friends, even though they were still dating.


I wasn’t personally looking for any advice, just a poll, but thanks, folks! :wink:

These posts about robot custody battles all make very valid points about in-team dating. Very interesting…
They also gave me a right chortle.

Lovin’ the pickup line OverlyOptimisticProgrammer.

WhisperingAlmond: Keep it PG mate.

Both FullMetalMentor and tabor473 pose very interesting points in the conversation. Will there ever be a right answer? We may never know.

You go girl!

It’s alright man. This is why the thread exists. Hopefully, you can get some advice to polish those smooth moves in no time.

Any more advice from you experienced dating veterans out there? :wink:

I’m loving these pickup lines, for sure.

This thread will prepare me for this weekends competition :wink: haha

That’s the spirit! :wink:

:frowning: and here I was thinking I was so clever.
More pick up lines (not my own): are you full of beryllium gold and titanium? Cause you are Be Au Ti full.

Where are you getting these nerdy pickup lines?

You’re sweeter than 3.14.

Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you’re CuTe.

Do you come from a carbon sample? Because I want to date you.

Forget hydrogen, you’re my number one element. :wink:

If you’re dating someone from another team and you’re up against them in Finals and only Tournament Champions qualify…