DC Knights Round UP Qualifier

Event date Oct. 9th. We are located in Newtown Square, PA close to 95 and 495, 20min NW of the airport. The school has given us both gyms to use - one for the pits and one for the competition where we will set up 3 fields. So register, and make this a real qualifier to Worlds. We have a great venue, bring your teams.

It was the best-run regional event I’ve ever been to. Well done.

Here are the awards (from RobotEvents.com):

Excellence Award
1267 Delaware County Christian School

Tournament Champions
1727A Dulaney High School
740B Chichester Middle & High School
81 Downingtown Area Robotics

Amaze Award
1224 Science Resources

Build Award
1267B Delaware County Christian School

Design Award
1727A Dulaney High School

Judges Award
740A Chichester Middle School

Robot Skills Winner
1267C Delaware County Christian School

Programming Skills Winner
81 Downingtown Area Robotics

Thank you to DCCS for being such a fantastic host! We have plenty of space to expand for next year, I’d really love to see a 32 or even 64 team event. Thanks are also due to our fantastic volunteer crew, I believe we actually finished ahead of schedule for the second event in a row. Congratulations to all the award winners, and to all the other attending teams for making all of the judges decisions very tough. Thanks again Jim and DCCS, we’ll see you next year!

were there any videos taken?
keep us updated when they are uploaded
i’d like to see how well the rest of the world is doing :slight_smile:

I know of at least one person who was taking video, I’ll see if he wants to make it publicly available. We’ve had some very good matches, I’d hate to think they weren’t recorded. Since we’re going to start giving Inspire awards, I can’t imagine that it would hurt to post match videos.

Excellent event. Thank you!