DC Motor compatible with Vex System

Anyone knows of a DC motor that can be used with the vex system?
The Vex motor uses a square shaft, so I’m looking for something similar. A bit like what the guy was using in this video:


It doesn’t have to be as fast though, but more speed than the Vex motors will be good.


You can get on ebay and order some motor controllers and brushless motors. You may notice he is using a hitec radio and not a VEX cortex or PIC.

We are building a robot to carry our robot at competitions and we are using 2 100 amp brushed motor controllers and 2 razor scooter motors which have been geared down significantly with jack shafts otherwise it would have moved at about 25 mph! The motor controllers he and I are both using allow the radio or VEX controller (in our case) to control the motor while the current is coming directly from a battery. The motors he is using have round shafts by the way.

You could try to use a coupler with set screws, its what we did when we used a gear motor with vex tread on our FRC bot last year.

i ripped motors of an old rc car, they worked great with vex, but the chassis was very light, depending on mass of robot, probs wont b a good idea … but you can pick motors up fairly cheap if i remember from coolcomponents

A coupler with a set screw on both sides is the best way to adepte a regular dc motor into the vex ecosystem.

this is what you would need ( not the size is not correct, but it didn’t have a shaft on hand to measure)