DC motor control

I want to control a couple of 12 volt DC motors with a micro-controller. Three settings (reverse, neutral, and forward) would work, but analog control would be good. I have little experience with electronics. Does anyone know of a way to do this? Is there vex code that can make the PWM output send out something othere than PWM?

I beleive you will need a Victor and another power source. Search the forum there have been threads like this.

Here is a thread on other motors,


I may have come up with an answer to my own question. A servo connected to a potentiometer should work quite well. No complex or expensive electronics. I’ll see what radioshack has.

Take a look at this article from ROBOT magazine:


Does anyone know current and voltage effect torque and speed of a normal dc motor?
If I want to be able to be able to change the speed of the motor from 0 to full power, will a potetiometer work?

There are many different kinds of DC motors you’ll have to find one you want to use and then contact the manufacturer to find out the voltage etc. you could try the internet too.

I know the voltage of the motor. I want to know what effect changing the voltage or current to the motor has on torque and speed. Theoretically I want to be able to change the speed of the motor, while keeping the torque constant (Although this is probably impossible). I also want to know if there is a potentiometer that would go from no current to no resistance.

Well I’m sorry I can’t help you, you might try chiefdelphi.com or wait for someone else to help on here. Good luck.

I just got 3 FIRST motor controllers used from my robotics team. I just tried them on some 12 volt globe motors. I had to adjust the trim but after that i was set. I am going to put them on my pvc vex submarine.

Are these the $100 motor controllers, or something else?

So you’ve actually run them with the VEX micro-controller. Please post pictures and how you wired them.