DDI Examples

In the microcontroller faq it claims that I should check out the DDI for examples on how to program a control code for it…

Uh, where?

"Failing that, I would be fine with using Vex tools to real-time issue commands that correspond to pressing buttons on the Vex transmitter - I think I read something about Vex tool IFI and DDT(?) being able to do this?

You are correct. The DDT allows you to talk to the micro processor ports directly. The aliases.c file maps the port pins to the Output/Input pins on the Vex Controller.

Failing that, could I code a program to issue such commands? (samples?)

Yes, see the DDT file for examples.

From https://vexforum.com/t/pc-interfacing/12365/1

Download the Vex Starter Code and Vex Default Firmware (found on the Vex Robotics Downloads page).

Follow one of the sets of instructions:

Using MPLAB with the VEX API to write robot code or Vex ‘C’ Tool Chain

Start MPLAB IDE, and Open a Project, navigate to where you unzipped the Vex Starter Code, load Project “VexUserCode_DDT.mcp”

Refer to my post in the thread for links to other Serial related information.responding to how do i connect 2 micro controllers together

Thanks! Appreciate it

Not a problem…

Sorry to be a bother, one more question…

I opened up the workspace and all that, read through most of the source and understand most of it and can do a build all(thus the compiler works). Heres the issue though…

There DDI interface(the one with slider bars), is there a copy of that code? am I missing it somewhere?

Not a problem…

That is a Windows Program. It is in the IFI Loader…

For the ©2003 version I have (ver 1.0.11), click Options–>Dynamic Debug Tool. (Note: no slider bars)

For the ©2005 version I have (ver 1.1), click the Third Tab “On-Line”.

The ©2003 version 1.0.11 will let you send chars in the Terminal Mode, which the ©2005 won’t.