De-scoring (Tower Takeover)

Okay, so what I’ve gotten from the rulebook is that de-scoring is allowed in the goal zone that’s not in the protected zone as long as you aren’t touching their Cubes with your robot. So that means you could use another Cube to knock over a stack of Cubes.

Unless this would be labeled as indirect contact?

–Contact any Scored Cubes in either of opposing Alliance’s Goal Zones.

–Cause Scored Cubes within the opponent’s Protected Zone to no longer meet the definition of Scored (i.e. “knock over their stack”).

I don’t think you could use a cube (SG7) But if you were playing defense to prevent them/interfere with them trying to stack and the cubes were knocked over by them I think that would be legal. We’ve been discussing this a lot in the other thread

you are not allowed to do this. causing these cubes to no longer be scored in any way, shape, or form is not allowed.

Citation please? I’ve been trying to find an exact combination of rules to that effect, and I think that is the intent - but teams are going to play the rules as written, and as yet I can’t find a combination that specifically bans a team from slamming their opponents robot into a tower stacked in the small goal zone.


Rule B states you cannot contact scored cubes in EITHER goal zone. SG7 states that a cube cannot be used to do this either.

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Idk why I keep getting mudled on this. You’re right.
< SG3>Robots may not intentioally, or accidentally, directly, or indirectly … contact any scored cubes in either of opposing alliance’s goal zones.

I must have read all this 50 times and that kept eluding me.

Happens to the best of us. I personally read the manual 20+ times before a competition so I know exactly what i can and can’t do (as well as my opponent)

Would interference be legal: if the opponent were putting up a new stack, or reverse stacking (inserting at the bottom, therefor picking up and un-scoring their own cubes) in the unprotected goal zone?

If i am not mistaken, you can do this as long as you do not do it in a protected zone, and do not cause any other scored stacks to become unscored

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