Dead Threads

Just a friendly PSA here, please dont revive threads that are dead, unless you have something worthwhile to add.
If you have questions, make a new thread to ask that question, do not ask in a dead thread that no one has seen for years.
(This is in response to dead threads popping up at alarming rates these past few days)


Also if the information in the dead thread is relevant to your question, you can always link it or mention it in your new topic.
Thank you @Railgunawesome for this PSA.


I don’t like the fact that when the threads are eventually closed if they get bumped to the top. I’m sure there is some way that they could close a lot of the old threads just to settle the issue, but if they did that would bump all those threats back to the top of the list. All the new threads now will close a year after the last reply, but if all of those threads get bumped to the top of the list when they closed a year later that’s going to cause a lot of clutter as well.


I agree, maybe they should make a change where when a thread is closed, it doesn’t get moved to the top. I dont know if it’s possible, but they could try


We also need to constitute what qualifies as a “dead” thread. I’m thinking a rule of thumb should be 4-6 months, but it really should be when a thread/conversation is no longer relevant, but that’s very subjective.


We can, and often do, reset the thread bump date.


This is just my opinion, but why exactly is it so frowned upon to revive older threads? If the excuse is “to prevent clutter” then wouldn’t creating a new thread cause more clutter with more threads of similar topics yet different questions? By not having the ability to revive older threads you will be making searches much harder because nobody is allowed to post on them which would create similar yet different topics on the search bar. All-in-all I think that the “frowned upon” for people getting ticked off when someine revives threads sound more like a social rule, where the rule just developed over time from threads that cannot have answers despite most threads that usually can be revived, even though a couple years ago, and can actually be answered on the forum in which their question would be inside of a thread with an on-topic title so it would prevent clutter. If we are talking about clutter “of the front page” that is complete nonsense of an excuse because the front page is continuously rolling and once the question is answered the topic would eventually go out-of-sight from the front page again. I have known one or two forums that have different discussions, one of which are about the author and the other is about help. The one about the author has a 1-month deadline so after a month the thread automatically closes and the ones about help will never close so anyone can respond whenever they’d like, so this way there won’t be mass-“duplicate” threads of very similar topics.

These are just my two cents about this topic and I honestly don’t understand why it is so important to prevent threads from reviving.


To simplify the options: Would you like to cause permanent clutter of the search bar or would you like temporary occasional clutter on the front page?
I would prefer the latter, especially if we are discussing about the future of the VEXForum


EXACTLY, if a thread is only a few months old and is relevant and about the same game. Then you should be able to use it. Instead, people tell others to not “revive” it and create a new one. So when I try to use the search bar, they are about 5 different threads all saying the same things so I have to search through all of them


I am sure this issue could be adressed the best with a new user tutorial that spells out the rules.

You could prevent new users from posting, uless they completed tutorial and passed the quiz at the end.


Guys dont forget that in my original post I said that you can revive threads if you have something to add.
If you have something to add that is on topic and no one has said it yet, then feel free to do so.
Unfortunately most threads get revived by people asking off topic questions or statements.
Indeed, most threads die when there is nothing left to say, or when it derails.
Not trying to name or shame, but this is an example.


In many of the revived threads we’ve seen lately, the new discussion is not closely related to the old discussion. Sometimes this is due to the amount of time that has passed and sometimes it’s not.

For instance, a thread about drivetrain pros and cons from Turning Point wouldn’t be very useful for Tower Takeover, because Turning Point drivetrains needed to clear the platforms and Tower Takeover drivetrains can get by with much smaller wheels. Many of these threads (Holonomic vs Tank Drive, DR4B vs DR6B, etc) are completely different discussions whenever a new game rolls around.

To give another example of this, there wouldn’t be much point to reviving old threads about “puncher vs flywheel” from Nothing But Net to discuss the matter in Turning Point, considering the projectiles are completely different. People using the search box can easily filter by category.

Also, we’ve seen quite a few people revive threads and inject their own unrelated or unhelpful conversation. This includes reviving an old thread just to restate the original answer, asking about something unrelated to the original thread, and reviving a thread just to say “that’s a good idea” and then asking about something entirely unrelated.

Full disclaimer: I’m including the links to posts above in order to show examples of unproductive reviving. Similarly to @Railgunawesome, my intent is not to name and shame these individuals. It goes without saying nobody should harass the individuals who posted them. I harbor no ill will toward these people and neither should any of you.

If a reply is on topic to the original discussion, the discussion hasn’t changed drastically since the last post, and the reply adds something to the discussion, I see no problem with it. For instance, reviving threads about engineering notebook tips and tricks, gyroscope filtering algorithms, or optimal rubber banding on DR4Bs would be all right in my opinion. But if the core discussion is different between the old posts and new posts, it should be a different thread in my opinion.