Debugger running

We are trying to run successive programs for skills but are having problems. The debugger is always running and we have to exit out to get to the next piece of the program. Is there anything we can do get this to stop running so that our skills runs will be more productive? We lose several seconds each time we have to exit out and go back in to program mode for the next piece. Any help is appreciated.

There is too much error introduced when running straight through. We need to restart in the starting position to gain accuracy. Last season, we had no problem working with multiple programs. Now we are losing about 10 seconds of our skills run navigating through We prefer seperate programs so that if we need to rerun it (such as missing the bridge) we can start that part. If we chain it all together, we can’t do that. We have state finals in 3 weeks and really could use those 10 seconds. Has any figured out a work around? Or has anyone tried Modkit and found it to be better?

A somewhat simple approach, like James suggested, would be to have a single repeat in the program, and within that repeat, check to see if a touch LED is pressed. If it is pressed, execute a block of code.

You can have as many touch LEDs and as many blocks of code as you want.


That would be great. Thanks!!