Debugger Windows acting up

I am having troubles with my sensors not showing up correctly in debugger windows as i have put them in Motor and sensor setup.
ex. I put Ultrasonic in port 8 and 9, and have it as a sonar(mm). However I will download it and open debugger windows and it won’t show anything in the sensor port. Literally NOTHING. No ultrasonic, no sonar(mm) no variable. Nothing

RobotC is up to date, my controller and cortex are up to date also. I have tried on different computers also.v

There should be an option in the “Robot” section of the toolbar that says “Debugger windows”, hit that and checkmark the sensor option.

Also don’t spam the forums. Someone is bound to answer your question whether it be a moderator, admin, or just a random user.

This might help.

The wire labeled “Input” must be plugged into the lower-numbered port, and the wire labeled “Output” must be in an adjacent, higher-numbered port.

If you have these switched, it’s likely that nothing will show up in the debugger window.

Input wire – sensor receives input from the cortex, telling it to send out a ping
Output wire – sensor sends output information to the cortex with the time it’s taken for the ping to come back.
(“Input” and “Output” are from the perspective of the sensor, not the cortex.)

If you have these switched, then the sensor is not actually sending out any pings; well, it’s probably just not doing anything.

figured out the problem, a simple problem that only I could figure out, it was my coding. Thanks for helping tho!!!