Debugging Vex Code IQ - no print/serial port support

In RobotC there was a debug stream which made it possible to debug larger C++ programs. It appears Vex Code IQ doesn’t have support to debug other than messages to the brain screen. This doesn’t work well for students interested in developing larger programs. Is there a trick to enable a serial stream with VexCode IQ?


My daughter’s IQ team is still using RobotC since the teacher is more familiar with it, and there aren’t too many advantages of Vex Code IQ outside of it being more graphically friendly and it works on Chromebooks. Last I checked, Vex Code IQ doesn’t have the debug capability like RobotC’s debug stream.


If RobotC had support for the new vision sensor, it would be perfect. RobotC works great; however, currently I don’t believe RobotC has any way to use the vision sensor. I would be open to any solution for using the vision sensor in RobotC including a low level complex one.

see this, basic vision sensor code for RobotC.

vision sensor would need signatures (colors) set using VEXcode vision utility (or the stand alone version shipped with PROS)


In terms of IQ supporting print to console, that’s currently not supported on generation 1, we support it for IQ generation 2.


Thank you! This is excellent.

Is it possible, the vision sensor FW has updated since the time the code was tested? I calibrated two different vision sensors and they work fine in the calibration utility showing x, y, width, height. Then running the demo program it appears garbage values come back for x,y, width, height. It also detects more signatures in the image than the calibration utility does for the same scene. I have the image sensor and field of view fixed to make the test reliable between the calibration the robotc demo program running.

I am guessing the I2C registers have changed. Is there any chance there is some info available on the I2C register map?


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I’ll check. We really haven’t updated the vision sensor at all, but the IQ firmware has been updated and I haven’t checked this code for quite a while.


I checked this with latest IQ generation 1 vexos and vision sensor. Not seeing any issues.
I used vision utility in VEXcode IQ to program some signatures (I happened to use three colored discs, red, green and blue). Disconnected from USB, connected to IQ, powered on. You can check vision sensor is working in the devices screen, also the led on top of the sensor will show color of detected object if it has been set. Ran the RobotC demo code, it detects the object I had programmed in signature 1.

and just FYI, for IQ generation 2 we have a dashboard that’s a simplified version to what we have on V5.