Debuging tools

Does anyone know if there are any debugging tools that I can use on vex code pro?

I don’t know what kind of debugging tool you want. One option (depending on what you are debugging) is to print your variables to the brain screen.


Ok, I feel stupid now, originally I wanted a debugging program that can show me my variable values as it goes through my code but I guess this works. :slight_smile:

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Few years ago we were struggling to debug the code on V5 and ended up uploading the program to the Cotex and debugging it with RobotC IDE. Turned out we had some timeout issue in the code.

Regardless what you say old Cortex and RobotC IDE were very good in some respects.

While the new over-priced and over-hyped V5 system is still not user friendly and lacks in many important areas. Missing debugging is one and reliability against ESD is another. So much disappointment.

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printing to terminal is what I do, then I transfer the values to a excel and graph it