Deceleration help, PID loop help

So I would like to construct a program that slowly decelerates a motor as it gets close to a certain position (this is an arm which needs to be exact). I’ve done some research on PID loops and am willing to spend the time learning them. Although unfortunately I can’t find any tutorials for vcs only robotc, which is kinda a bummer. If anyone has any easier suggestions that would be greatly appreciated. If not I have some questions about PID control if someone could answer.


This is the best tutorial I’ve found for beginners. You don’t need a specific tutorial for vcs or robotc because all the code you need is just code to change the speed of the motor.

Okay great thanks I’ll definitely take a look. But, I just have one question, I here a lot of tutorials talk about tics of the motor, which I think is unit the encoder in the motor measures with. So if so, how do I access that number like what function.

Thanks, Patrick.

You can find information about vcs instructions in the documentation.