December Challenge

Alright since we talk about monthly challeges but never issue them I will give you all a challenge which we will all vote on after all bots are in. you can summit your bot by replying in this thread with a picture.
once all bots are in I will make a poll with for everyone to vote.
limits are one vex microcontroller, one battery, one tranmitter, and 8 motors or servos. size limit is a 12" cube.
the challenge is to make a robot that can pick up three 8.5" by 11" pieces of paper crumpled up and place them in a 18" trash can. note that the crumpled paper size and shape will vary so design acourdingly.
anyone who wants to can participate.

How can a Vex in limited to a 12" cube, place pieces of paper crumpled up in a 18" trash can??

With a Catapult???

Manipulator Arm!!

These monthly challenges sound interesting. Is there any requirement to participate?

That can not leave a "12 cube???

Or is the Manipulator Arm not restricted to the "12 Cube…

the robot has to start out in a 12" cube, but after starting, it can grow larger.

at least that is how it usually works…

thats probably what they meen…

the plan sounds great!!

you start limited to 12" cube but you can expand and reach up after you start.

nope, if you wanna join in go ahead.

When does this challenge end
How much time do we have to build it

Are there some implied but unspoken limitations? Like Vex parts only? Or can we use non-Vex parts? Starter Kit only?

fvc rules, you are allowed some things like rope, rubberbands and nonslip mat but besides that any amount of vex is okay

till decmeber 20th (3 weeks)

Is there any way that the deadline can be extended? I have something important to do all the way until the 17th…

thanks for starting a monthly challenge. I ment to start one last month but school wouldn’t allow it :smiley:

ok, the new deadline is the 31st.

that sounds kool can i join

ill probly be getting a digital cam in the next week or so my little brother broke the first one:mad: do i only have to take pics of it or do i have to post a video if i omly have to post pics how many :rolleyes: so i would like to play if thats ok :smiley:

yes you can join and all we need is a picture, if you want to show more detail you can submit more pictures but if one pic will cover it you can do that

ooh, glad robokid told me :slight_smile: I’ll do it :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll have a pic by 31st, then I said I did my first competition

ok, the 31st is approaching. i was wondering if anyone acually tried this challenge. if you did please post either a picture or a description of how your robot worked.

ok, so i did the challenge, but am in the process of trying to laod the pictures onto my computer,so for right now a description will have to do, i built a (11" by 12" by 10.5") catapult which shot the crumpled up paper into a 2 foot trash can, i used 2 motors to drive it and 2 motors to actually wind up the catapult and then i would cut the string. it actually was pretty accurate, it shot about 3 feet each time. i made 3 shots out of 3, 2 were swishes, 1 was a bankshot. i’ll see if i can’t post some of the pics soon.:smiley: