Decide on our team name

There’s already a RoboBears in Miami, but I do like the name.

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I’m 50548X (stole 48X from 448X lol) “Heavy Metal”

I have
Roboty mc robot face.

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look bears were first animal that came to mind cause it our next county over rival. i did not know there was actually a robobears team in miami

idk if buckeyes would be copyright cause it college team

i like excelsior or spitfire but be careful those r names of pro esports teams too

Overwatch? I think that is where they are from

yup overwatch league. which is becoming the most popular stream on twitch so a lot of people will know where u got name from

You could say you got it from the plane too :wink:

oh Excelsior was an experimental british tank

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the spitfire named themselves after the plane. that why their logo is a plane

Ah a fellow tankist too



I under stand Spitfire. What about Revamp or Zenith?

I like the sound of Loose Cannons

Or Hurricane, the other British plane (I know the contenders team is that but still)

Going by the ww2 planes theme you could be the Mustangs. Thought there’s probably a team and I’m to lazy to look it up, also probably.

Mustang is good.

Mustang is taken, their a big Cali organization

military vehicles/planes/ships can have cool names

The REC Enterprise

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