Decide on our team name

Already taken (not by us)

Again I don’t know if it’s taken but continuing the military vehicle Panzer would sound awesome. The whole German language does honestly, and that’s why I’m taking it lol.

We have narrowed it down to 4

Revamp @forzapixel
Excelsiors @kmaster

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Just a suggestion, you could do revamp or even revamp robotics. Whichever you like :slight_smile:

If we do Revamp Robotics, it will sound weird saying Revamp Robotics from NU Robotics

By the way… Thank you all for giving suggestions. This community is awesome
And of course @DRow


Overdrive is taken :slight_smile: sorry

Ok… Now it is 3,


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And remember excelsior is taken kinda too

Yeah, but we can always have the same names. Zenith, Overdrive, Excelsiors are all taken

Do excelsior then. I like that the most

I agree with that. I will ask my team tuesday

Is there anywhere I can go to if I want to see registered team names so I can see if its taken? you can search numbers but i’m not sure if you can search for VRC names

If you search for “VEX Robotics” followed by the team name (or add “”), you might find something.

When we chose Cross-Wired’s name, we searched for team names on the World Skills Rankings from the previous year (this was in June so it was still up), and eliminated the ones that were taken (such as Astrobots).

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hey im zenith with an x >:((((((

We are going for excelsior. No worries :butter:

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I feel very honored.

We will put your name @kmaster on the side of our robot. We are in ohio .

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