Declaring Inertial Sensor

How do you declare the inertial sensor. I tried following the PROS API but wasn’t able to implement it into my program. This is the line of code. Also how can you display it’s yaw value onto the v5 screen.
inertial sensor

This gives you gyro degrees. As to getting it on a display LVGL is the best way. I used it last year. You can use this if you want. Last years code. or just use pros::lcd::print(0, "%d", IMU.get_heading());

// This requires the robot to be still for about 2 seconds.
pros::Imu IMU(8);

// Get heading gets the turn direction of the robot.

// Gets back and forwards tipping of your robot. 

Thank you, I was able to correct it. I’m just starting to learn PROS as I want to switch over from vexcode Text, but I plan on learning LVGL and will use your code as a guide whenever I get lost again.

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