Declining alliance invites in LRT

Has anyone been any to decline an alliance invitation in a LRT? Twice I’ve run events where a team wanted to decline the invitation, but the button to decline just doesn’t work, and the whole tournament grinds to a halt. The teams end up accepting just to get things moving since the events are just for practice with no awards. I could see this being a real issue at worlds if this system is broken.


I know that @Got_a_Screw_Loose declined our alliance invitation.


Yes, you can decline, as I can confirm that @trontech569 was indeed declined by @Got_a_Screw_Loose


We had a LRT yesterday and one of the teams wanted to decline but couldn’t, so they just accepted so we could move on.

I know that we declined @Got_a_Screw_Loose alliance invitation


@JustARedneckEngineer No I don’t think we did? We haven’t even competed in an LRT yet this year, so if we ever did, it was in a live event. But like I said, I don’t think that we did.


I wonder what’s going on then. Both times it occured nothing happened when the teams clicked the decline button , but the accept button worked right away. And of course since the pop-up blocks everything else on the screen you can’t type into the chat or do anything else to troubleshoot or communicate that back to the mothership. The EP eventually did call, and we told them they wanted to decline, but nothing ever happened after that.

The first tournament it happened we didn’t know there was only going to be two alliances, and a decline would have meant the team was out and not picking so I assumed the system was just not allowing a decline that meant the team would be out.

Last night the team qualified second, and definitely would have been picking an alliance partner. @Robotnerd I’m sure it was our team in that tournament.

Since we were already running late and there were no stakes our team just went with it, but this obviously isn’t an acceptable outcome in a competitive tournament.


That’s not the case. The only alliance invitation I’ve extended to your team was at an in-person event, which was accepted.

I can confirm this confirmation. While this event was over a month ago at this point, the decline button did in fact work at the time.

Due to the chaos of the event and trying to manage several communication platforms, it is important to have the decline feature working.


This could be a feature/bug. Although a pop up warning window after clicking decline that states the scenario wherein a team cannot be selected again would be a more user-friendly solution than simply not allowing a decline.

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The way it worked at the LRTs I’ve by inviting teams over zoom, and only inviting them in the software if they accept.


That’s the ideal solution, but:

At an in-person event, you typically figure out your alliances before alliance selection for the same reason. But not physically being with teams and not getting quick responses (due to multimedia management by teams), this is difficult to do when event partners are trying to push the schedule forward. Ideally, you wouldn’t have to deal with declines at all.

In the one LRT event I’ve done, I found that it’s difficult to figure everything out when there are only a few alliances. You can’t count on being a captain if you’re the 6th seed, for example. Fewer alliances and fewer qualifiers make it really difficult to plan out where everyone will stand going into alliance selection and there isn’t always time to figure it all out.


Why does everyone insist on using Zoom for everything when we have fully functional video conferencing systems available that aren’t terrible?

I swear, McDonald’s would make better video conferencing software than Zoom does.

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History is littered with “inferior” products having better market share than “superior” products.


Even more weirdness to report…

During a LRT this weekend EP reported lots of declines, and one of teams was able to accept an invitation from their sister team after declining an invitation. Something is clearly broken with the LRT alliance selection system.


Mild derailing, but our team also had an issue with the LRT software during the GA State Championship for our division. For some reason, it was not taking the SP tiebreaker into consideration for the ranking of teams, resulting in us being ranked below a team that had fewer SP than us.

The event was able to skirt around the issue with some (arguably) sketchy google meets call between the top 3 teams to determine alliancing to make sure we were still able to get our pick, but I figured I would note it here.


If there are bugs with the LRT software, please make the appropriate people aware and they will fix it.

These things don’t get fixed unless the actual developers get told about the existence of the bugs.

EDIT: Before someone tries it, I have nothing to do with the development of LRT, I’m just dispensing general wisdom.


do i need to point out that it was sarcasm?

Good, I say we leave it this way.

Let teams have no way to break up super powerful alliances that can practice together and are likely in the same room/building for LRT events with the distinct advantage of being able to directly communicate during a match? Seems like a great idea.

/sarcasm off

That did not sound like sarcasm one bit lmao