"Decoration" clariaction

So, in the rules for FUll Voloume, it says you can use decouation as long it doesn’t interfear with game elements. Would a 1 or 2 pound dumbell be allowed? the dumbells would be used to weigh the robot down.

At least in VRC, decoration is only allowed to be non-functional, and should not affect the robot. If your robot does not work well without your “decoration” it probably is illegal.


No, a dumbbell would not be allowed. It would affect the robot’s movement and function. I hope this answers your question.

Payne Stroud

P.S. Maybe take a little more time to make sure you don’t have any grammar mistakes next time :wink:


The rule for decorations is that it can serve no other functional purpose other than just being decoration. Since the dumbells serve a purpose other than just decoration, It wouldn’t be allowed.


as javaskrypt already mentioned, probably not, however there are weights in the IQ Building system if you are looking for weights to add to your bot.

1lb is about 450g, which you could get from 6x 75g flywheel weights.