Decorational purposes

Our team wanted to put on lexan side panels attached to the robot with velcro so they will come off and on very quickly. If the decoration exceeds the 18x18x18 can we take it off during inspection and have it fit in the box then put it back on during competition. Keep in mind that the panels have no function except for decoration.


the panel might exceed the 18x18x18 just by maybe a quarter of an inch

Short answer: No

If the panels only exceed it by a quarter of an inch, just cut out the part that’s protruding out or don’t include it at all…if it’s attached with velcro, it sounds like it could fall off during a match causing possible problems

velcro is stronger than you think and we use it with our FRC side panels and they never come off as long as they are attached right

It’s not about how strong velcro is it’s about how it could get caught on something (i.e another robot) and fall off.

i am doing the same thing, except we are screwing it in using angle gussets on the base … it is strong, i am thinking of using a sandoff and connecting it 2 our tower for extra support …

hope this gives u an idea … also … what are you putting on your lexan sheets


Wouldn’t providing support make it functional?

Please also keep this rule in mind: