Hi all! I am thinking of decorating my robot and I am wondering what you all are doing this season/did last season?

We hydrodipped our polycarbonate with our team colors and it looks really nice.


Lots of people stick some polycarb on the back and cover it in stickers. I’m going to try to decorate our lift as well, hopefully it’ll look pretty sweet


Decorations, are not allowed to be functional, but the most basic form of decoration is a team logo.


Is that legal? Also I dont know if I’ll have enough polycarbonate to put on the back

Section “R12” of the game manual states: ”Anodizing and painting of parts is considered a legal nonfunctional decoration”

Therefore, I would assume it is legal since we are essentially painting the polycarbonate

Also, I have seen team color their antislip mat back during In The Zone and they looked pretty cool as well.

We had a girl on one team use colorful zip ties to make chains and other decorations. If you do it neatly and coordinate the colors well it can look pretty cool.


We added some l.e.d.s by wiring them to the brain I think there’s a YouTube video somewhere on how to do it

we are probably going to 3d print our logo out and put it on top of our 6foot lift

rubber chicken, and velcro monkey.

Was it by chance my video? I did make a tutorial.