Decreasing shaft wobble in a motor

image I just thought of adding a metal shaft insert to the motor to make the shaft have less wobble and it works amazing! I ran a motor with and without it and the watt usage didn’t go up at all. It has about 1/3 of the wobble with the shaft insert inside. What do you guys thing of this idea?


Ight imma put this on my bot now


That’s pretty cool. Have any issues with it falling out, or does it stay in place pretty well?

Have we uncovered the true use of the shaft insert?

But how would you take them out though? Would they be stuck forever? (I mean without removing the motor cover)


i do the same thing it will slip out so u gotta use a shaftcollar


I just assumed that everyone did this. Why wouldn’t you???


Cause they’re evil when using on gears, and sprockets.

Could you elaborate on that? I don’t see how they would make a difference.

T’was a bad joke. They always fall out of the gears in sprockets when they’re on and they can be a pain to get into the gear at first. Just a bad joke.

use a axle to wiggle them around and ist not so bad and if that doesnt work just set it up bacikly flat and hit it with a hammer

Sorry. To quote @Xenon27 “My joke receptors are not very good.”


It comes out with a good whack to the back


I thought the same thing

yeah also the circle ones work to just not as well

In my experience, I still have to put a spacer at least to prevent it from falling out. It still holds moderately well.

I’m in the same boat as @2775Josh on this one; I thought this was just implied from the structure of the V5 mtoor.


Same have been doing it since V5 came out.

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I been doing this for years, thought it was what people did

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See above post.