Default Code Issue

Hi Guys,

I am currently teaching a course using RobotC with the VEX EDR System. I have not had any issues with the program or the hardware yet, however today I tried to use the clawbots with the VEX Default Code to simply use the VEX Joystick to control the clawbots like when I first ran them and I continue to have issues with the left hand side of the robot. The right side of the drivetrain works perfectly, however when I try to use the left joystick to move the left side it just jumps around switching between forward and backwards, regardless of which way the joystick is pushed. I have tried three different clawbots each with different microcontrollers. I have tried different joysticks, as well with the same result. I have tried to recalibrate the joystick and upgraded the firmware on both the microcontroller and the the joystick. I am still having the same issue. I do have all the sensors still plugged into the microcontroller even though I am not using them is that a potential issue? I am at my wits end, especially as we are supposed to do a demonstration for the elementary and middle level tomorrow after school. Please help.