Default motor velocity

Does anyone know what the default velocity for V5 motors is? 50%? 100%?

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I don’t know the default one, But You can set it using the set velocity command (if you are wondering because you need it to be a specific number I would use this, if you are asking just out of curiosity, I’m sure the vex api has it)

50rpm is the default for VEXcode motor class.


We’re replacing a failed red motor with a green one (we don’t have another red one in stock) and want to maintain the same rotational velocity. The red one was previously running at default velocity, that’s why I need to know what that default velocity is.

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Just wondering is this 50 out of 100 or 200 rpm?

It should be 50 rpm, gear cartridge should not matter if the motor is configured correctly.


You can change the red insert for a green one.