Default Programs for Clawbot?


My class are just finishing off Clawbot. The theory is that we’ll work on programming now and make any design changes once we’ve tested it later.

I understand that there are default programs for Clawbot? Does this mean that in theory, once all correct motors/sensors are connected to right ports in the brain etc, that Clawbot should move and be able to lift etc before we even start to code?

It would be great to have something basic in place for us to work on as I have no idea what I am doing!

Yes, there is some default functionality. Make sure you are running the latest version of the firmware via VEXos. You will then see that you have a basic Driver Control program to use the joystick and also some autonomous demos as well. I think the function of the demos is explained in the System User Manual (the one with the orange bits on the front cover) included with the kit.

Yes! We have been using the default program to run other creations as well.
Also, you can make minor changes to the default program on the robot brain itself (we changed motor directions)

Are the default programs visible as code in files when the brain is plugged into a computer? Or is it a case of creating a new file and that overrides the default program? Would be nice to be able to edit them

The default driver program is not editable, or overwritable.

One of ours is only running backwards, while three other are doing fine. Any suggestions?

SFAC - do you mean the Clawbot drives backwards when the joysticks are pressed forwards? Are the left and right drive motors plugged into the opposite ports?
The left motor should be in Port 1 and the right motor should be in Port 6.