Defection in product?

I have a setup of 2 84 tooth high strength gears in a line. However, I am unable to put it in a straight line, as it would be too tight and the gears are unable to move. Whereas, one of the gears would have to be shifted out to be able to run smoothly. Could this be a defection?

Hello WANGG,

We’re sorry to hear you’re having difficulty with these gears. 84t High Strength Gears are designed such that the center-to-center distance is an even multiple of .5" (12.7mm), so you should be able to align your gear train in a straight line. There should be 3.5" (88.9mm) center-to-center for two 84t gears. You could also try supporting both sides of the axle, so the gear won’t wobble and move out of position when testing gear systems.

If you continue having problems, please call the VEX support line at +1-903-453-0802 or email


Yes, we have already supported both sides of the axle. We initially found out the problem when we assembled everything in a straight line, however, we found that the gears were hard to move. This led to us troubleshooting the problems and eventually found out that moving the gear a hole out allowed the gears to move smoothly without skipping. I took out one side of the C-Channel for the pictorial purposes.