Defense against Defense for Tower Takeover

Since defense is a viable strategy this year, I would like too here ideas about overcoming defensive interactions. ie. Pushing, Wall bots, etc.

I’ve been thing about this for a while especially wallbots… all ive thought of is pulling yourself over, pulling them over or pushing them over.
a ramp would lift there wheels and potentially tip them over. a hook on the back of your robot would allow you to pull them over or into your zone. I dont know if this is allowed but it is the best I’ve come up with

Not sure if I have read this right, but I think if u can make the wall bot contact your protected zone they will be disqualified. Blocking off a goal zone can be match effecting, so causing them to touch the protected zone would lead to a disqualification.

Nope, you’d have to be all the way inside your protected zone, in which case you wouldn’t be much of an effective wallbot

Then hopefully they update the rules cause I don’t want to play against wall bots every match

If the wallbot contacts your inner protected zone, then they are instantly DQed, so pushing them that far would be effective though I don’t know how that will play out with

maybe you could create a forklift with insane ratios that’s powered by one motor, and when activated, it would lift the wallbot into the air.
Speaking of which, is it legal to dump a wallbot out of a field?

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i believe take/putting/lifting/throwing/pushing a opposing robot out of the field is illegal

Dumping an opponent robot (wall or otherwise) out of the field would almost certainly be a violation of <S1> among several other rules.

ah well, should be pretty funny to lift an entire robot into the air, even if you can’t throw them out of the field

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i think that is still illegal

Refer to <G14>. You cannot force someone into breaking a rule. This applies even if the rule has a stricter-than-usual punishment.

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