Defense Rule Loophole

I know this is an extremely stupid question, but I wanted to ask whether something was legal or not. I’m pretty sure this is a loophole, but I want to make sure, before possible executing it. So, in the manual, rule SG7 says:

I bolded two and tandem because, in my interpretation, this rule says that both robots aren’t allowed to cut off the scoring zones. However, if one robot was to sit in front of the opposing scoring zones, and play line defense, would this still be legal? In other words, could one robot guard the opposing scoring zone, cutting the other team off from scoring. To sum it up, would one robot be allowed to cut off the scoring zone? I know this is a bit confusing, but any answers would be great! Thanks!

A single robot could do this type of play, but you need to be mindful of a few rules and strategies that counter this. First off you are leaving your partner to try and outscore your opponent either two on one or one on one depending on if your opponent’s try the same thing. Secondly, if for any reason when you are blocking your opponent, if one of the opponents cones falls off a mobile goal your team will be under major SG5 scrutiny. Pinning and entrapment rules can also be in play as well so that you would need to be able to let your opponent pass by if they get around you. This is a possibility like I said if a team can get a 20 and a 10 point mobile goal auton so that they slow the pace down during the game, but it is risky.

8059J (during singvex) essentially was designed to do that.