Defensive robots?

Okay so i saw a week or so ago on the forum someone say that defensive robots have the possibility of being disqualified this year. I didn’t know if anyone knew anything about it and if they do please explain as i have been unable to find anything on the matter in the game manual. As well if many people are releasing designs on offensive robots so what would be good ideas for defensive? (i have my own ideas but would love to hear from you all.) there is obviously the wall bot concept but what would you guys think about a robot that just put two caps on the opposite teams goals during autonomous? It could be effective.

As long as a defensive robot doesn’t break any Robot or Game rules, then it’s legal. However, defensive robots will undergo scrutiny if the refs have to make a call on an interaction between them and an offensive robot, just like in Gateway.

First, it wouldn’t be able to detach so you would have to do something like 2W (one of the gateway champs). Second, Effective capping of both goals will be challenging with the size of this year’s goals because we only are allowed 288 in^2 (12"*24") of plastic whereas a complete set of covers would require ~575.58" (2 of 8.718 * 33.011). You could make a non-uniform cover but, this years game objects may be able to fall through any holes so you’ll have to get creative

Mesh! Try a mesh cap. It can compact very well, and sacks won’t fall through it.

Good idea, there is still the complexity of making a frame to support it which could not fit in the starting configuration (the caps would need to expand), and needing two to completely prevent scoring in the troughs but, using the mesh non-slip mat may work

If FTC people can fit a 20’ lift into an 18" cube, then we can fit a trough capper into it.

Imagine 2 goal cappers going against each other… their allies could only score on the floor goals.

Okay someone build the 12 foot wide mesh wing bot, and please don’t make it a rubber band powered deathtrap!

High Goals ?

I imagine a good goal-capper to have a 2W-style arm to cap off the high goal.

Here’s an idea … full length (12ft) cap to cover ALL troughs and a scoring mechanims where your partner can feed you sacks which will come out into you own troughs

It seems like it would be simpler to build an 8-foot robot to cap your opponents’ troughs, and leave a space open over your own middle trough. Then, have an arm extend up off one of your cappers to cover your opponent’s high goal.

You’d have to figure out a way to keep your caps securely on the trough without grappling it. Our intake for Gateway could’ve easily shaved 2W’s goal capper right off the center 30".

I realize there are simpler defensive strategies, I just suggested that as a way to both prevent your opponents from scoring and descoring at the same time while scoring for yourself as well. It was just hypothetical … not necessarily practical

I suppose a robot expanding with a sideways scissor lift could do something similar this by having caps that flip up or down with motors or pneumatics. If all for of the caps could flap, then they could allow their ally to score some SPs, too.

Scored – A Scoring Object is Scored in a Goal if it meets one of the following criteria.

  1. A Scoring Object is partially within the three-dimensional space defined by the outer edges of a Trough or High Goal, projected upwards and infinitely perpendicular to the playing field.
    a. For a Scoring Object to count under this clause, it must not be touching a Robot of the same color as the Goal
    b. If a Scoring Object meets the criteria of being in both a High Goal and a Trough, it will be Scored only in the High Goal
  2. A Scoring Object is touching a Floor Goal, and not touching any other foam tiles.

If the other side puts sacks on top of your cap, they will still count as scored.

And see, I disagree. In the definition for “Scored”, the rules state:

“For a Scoring Object to count under either clause, it must remain in a Scored position if/when all robots are removed from the field (i.e. The Scoring Object must not be supported by the Robot.”

So, if the game object is supported above the trough then it wouldn’t count because when I took the robot off the field, the game objects would go with it.

But if you theoretically removed your robot, the sacks would be in the troughs…not suspended in midair OR on the ground, they would simply fall into the troughs below them

By that logic, sacks above the floor goals would count as scored, because if you dumped them out of the robot they would be touching the ground.

Yeah but that’s not what would happen if you physically removed the robot. That’s one reason why when the Q+A answer eventually comes back to clarify this I’m hoping it doesn’t say that scoring will involve actually removing robots from the field. Too much room for the way in which the ref removes the robot to affect the score.

Yeah, I can’t tell what’s meant to happen with this rule either. What you’ve said might be how it works, who knows. The manual only says:

The “i.e.” is not helpful because it is clearly possible to support the object using the robot yet also have it fall into a still scored position when the robot is removed (either physically or, like Thorondor is suggesting, “theoretically”.

I’m not sure how that whole “not supported by a robot” rule would work out but if they would count as scored, I’m sure a defensive team could figure out some last minute descoring method

I really need the Q&A to open so I can start getting clarification. Because apparently we don’t all read the rules the same way.