Defensive Strategy Idea

So I had an idea for a really nasty defensive strategy to use on reverse stackers that can’t stack on top of preexisting stacks: what if you just dropped a cube in their non protected zone? Do you think this would work?

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I assume you want them to be forced to push it into their scoring zone and not be able to place their stack.

You would need to put a lot of cubes and still they could probably just push them aside or just pick them up.

Is this referring to the bottom corners/goal zones on the field? If it is, wouldn’t it be a DQ, as scoring zones may only be utilized by the zone’s own alliance.


I think he means the outer protected zone, since you can legally be there (you could however be disqualified if you are touching a robot that is fully in the inner/outer protected zone).

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My bad. Thanks for the clarification!

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I definitely meant the unprotected goal in the corner (the one that can only hold one) but guess I didn’t read the manual well enough and scoring in it is illegal. Whoops.

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What if you had an intake that stole cubes from another robot’s cube tray(reverse stacker w/o the front holding cubes in)

Actually I think that would legal. You just have to make sure you drop it into their scoring zone, since you cannot touch a cube in the opponents scoring zone.



You could put them next to it to be annoying, but not in it

Can’t you just drop it in. Your not touching their scoring zone and you are not touching any scored cubes and your not descoring anything

See <SG5>. It covers Goal Zones.

Yup definitely illegal :stuck_out_tongue:

<SG5> Keep Cubes to yourself. Robots may not intentionally drop or place Cubes on an opponent
Robot, into an opponent’s Goal Zone, or into an opponent’s Alliance Tower.

That’s true, your right, but this strategy wouldn’t have worked anyway.

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Sorry for wasting everyone’s time

Your not wasting time. It helps to think through all the different strategy, even if they don’t work.
For example, I thought it would be legal to drop a cube in opponents scoring zone, now that I learned otherwise I have a better understanding of the game rules.


For exposed reverse stackers, aka stackers without with the front covered, a single spinning wheel or bar with non slip padding could be devastating.
Just place the bar on the cubes and you can knock the cubes out of their stacker.


I wouldn’t go for that unless your opponent’s robot is very slow, or they could easily avoid you, and if your opponent is slow enough that you would be able to legally knock the cubes out of their intake, you could probably beat them without doing it, and get some extra schedule points. Offense is usually best in Vex games.

No need for extra mechanisms. As a driver of said reverse stacker bot I know for a fact that it only takes a bump to knock the cubes out. Just build a good drive train. It’s worth spending time on.

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