Define “hold”

G17- Robots may not directly or indirectly lift or hold more than one (1) Hub off of the Floor at a time.

Does that mean they can hold it as long as it’s touching the floor?

There is an example of this in the video. It’s more of herding than holding.

The manual specifies “pushing, plowing, or shoving”; I’m curious about pulling multiple hubs.

I don’t think pulling will work as you would have to grasp the hubs. Also any robot big enough to pull more than 1 hub would most likely not fit the max allowed size. Pushing the hubs on the other hand should not be a problem.

But would you be able to grasp them if they are still touching the floor. I’m wondering if the "hold more than one (1) Hub off of the Floor at a time. " means that you can still have them clasped in a claw, but they need to be touching the floor. Just thinking of how they might tip when being pushed over those blue boundary markers and wondering how to stabilize them within the rules.

Our kids are looking at pulling, should be able to get 4+

**"<G17> Hub control is limited. ***Robots *may not directly or indirectly lift or hold more than one (1) *Hub *off of the *Floor *at a time. Pushing, shoving, or plowing multiple *Hubs *along the *Floor, *field perimeter, or *Field Elements *is not considered a violation, as long as these *Hubs *remain in contact with the Floor. "

This says to me as long as you are not lifting off the floor you should be good.

Look at the vrc robots that would get the opposing mobile goals by dragging them along the ground. You should be able to get 4 at minimum pulling, and more pushing.

I’m new here and I have a similar question for Hold violation.

If robot holds one hub, put it on top of another hub, and then push these two hubs back (together with its claw holding the third hub). Is this a violation of rule?


Yes, it is a violation. The second hub is off the floor. That would be the “indirectly” part of the rule.

This would be great for the official q and a, but you will have to register a team first!

However, I think Foster is right!

Thanks for reply. I agree.

If possible, can anyone with a team help post this question to QA for official clarification?

I think the key words for this rule is “off” the floor. Only one hub can be lifted off the floor, while other hubs can be herded (push or pull) along as long as they touch the floor. What I am puzzling is how this rule can be enforced. As multiple hubs being pushed along together, it’s not hard to imagine that some of them might be squeezed off the ground by hubs around them. Will that count as violation? Or as long as those other hubs are not in any claws or some other holding mechanisms, it would be ok even if they are squeezed off ground from time to time.