Definition of Pre College

Sorry if this has been asked before but I have been unable to find anything regarding the classification of a trade school in terms of where I could compete in Vex. Over the last two years I have truly loved competing in Vex and I would love to continue. However I am graduating (hopefully) and was unsure if I meet the criteria of being in a pre college school or if a trade school would count as a college? Also if it makes any difference my birthday is still younger than the cutoff for high school Vex.

I am taking dual credit currently and it has not affected anything. I believe the one qualifications is that your birthday is inside the cutoff for this year.

Hypothetically would I be allowed to compete in Vex U if I so desired? I’m not asking to be a wise acre, I’m legitimately trying to figure out who I will be competing with as I have an invite from a VexU team in my area

If you are enrolled for a credit class at a post-secondary institution (even for one dual-enrolled class) you are eligible to compete on a VEX-U team. This was verified in the official Q&A last season.

Ah thank you, I think the part that confused me was the part about college credits as it is a carpentry school. However the post secondary school part would cover a trade school.