Definition of scored Cont....

I am not sure we can leave this to the referees discretion in such an important competition as the Worlds. We have execllent referees but a clear descision has to be made prior to the event and guidance given to them.

Will an object that is below the top of a goal and whose majority (to be defined {80%?}) is inside the outer ring of said goal be counted as scored or not?

Leaving this evaluation ‘floating’ could cause accusations of bias (founded or not) to be raised.

There is no floating evaluation involved. The referees will be enforcing the rules as written.

Thank you Chuck, I agree with your point of view and intent.

However the rule states


The bold part is that which is of concern.

Karthic, you state

, in other words if part of an object is not **fully within the outer ring **of the Circular Goal then it is not scored.

Now take this to its logical conclusion.
1/ A game piece is scored by definition above.
2/ A robot adds another game piece that causes the former to move and no longer meet the criteria of being scored.
3/ That robot must be DQ’d for ‘descoring’ a game peice.

So what now?

I like what Chuck says, can we consider making it a formal descision point. Who can really measure if a game element is inside the outer ring or not anyway.

and if you loose, cant you just start nitpicking and pointing to barrels of the opponents color that are at the angle so they stick out?
i think this should be another one of those
“if you touch something in the goal again, you wont be DQ’d for “descoring” it” rules for legal nitpickers :confused:

LOL (I think?)

I never get to build a robot, all I get to do is play with da rules! :smiley: