Definition of second Highest

My team and I are currently tied for 1st in skills with an equivalent programming score to the ones above us. The skills ranking rubric is as follows:

We did not do a second programming skills run, and they did and got a minuscule amount of points. What is the definition of second-highest? Will our second auton be counted as our only run or 0?

If zero, why do the rules encourage taking multiple tries?

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Theoretically, it shows consistency. If you can score high several times, that should equate to a consistent programming routine/driving strategy.

You should be given at least the opportunity to have 3 attempts though, so use them.


Your second run would be nothing. I believe a second run with 0 points > not doing a second run, but someone would have to confirm this.

So because there is another team who has some points, and you didn’t attempt a second run, they would be first.

The introduction of combined skills a few years back put a lot more weight to programming skills, and we’ve seen a code push recently in making autonomous more valuable with the AWP.

I agree with @GBHS_VEX_Member,


Sadly, the line for skills was 11 people at it’s peak, this was as many runs as we could do. It was a really competitive tournament. Although, one could argue, our programming worked 100% of the time and their’s worked 50%. We could have gunned to get another opportunity and sent a team member to wait in line without the robot like they did but we didn’t, and that’s our bad :pensive:

We’ll do better next weekend


You’re #3 in the world right now, aim for that #1 spot!