Definition of stacked needs rewording

According to the rules we’re allowed to carry multiple cones as long as they are stacked. But according to the definition of stacked it doesn’t count if the robot is touching it. Maybe change it to say “at the end of the match” as I think that is the intention.

I’m not so sure about that. If your robot were to pick up any cones from a goal, then they would end up no longer on the goal, so they would not be stacked. Maybe the intent of this rule is to allow robots to pick up mobile goals with multiple stacked cones?

I believe the intent was to say that if teams touch cones fully nestled on a mobile goal, they will count as stacked for the purpose of the possession limit, but will not be counted as stacked for the purpose of scoring at the end of the match. This is definitely a question for the official Q&A when it comes out.

For a cone to be stacked first you have to have a nested cone. A nested cone is one where it is fully seated on a goal. For a stack you have to put a cone on the fully nested one or another already made stack. This means that a stack is 2 or more nested cones. You cannot carry a stack of cones without the base the only way you can carry more than one cone is on a goal. Or a goal and 1 extra cone.

This was one of the two main questions I had about the challenge - can a robot carry a stack of cones while it is collecting and stacking individual cones?

For instance. Let’s say I have a mechanism that drives to a cone and lifts the cone up into a cone stacking area that is internal to the robot. Is that allowed?

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Hopefully I understand what you are saying here but I am pretty sure that in order for it to be “stacked” it just has to be EITHER nested on a goal or another stacked cone. Meaning one cone on a goal is considered stacked. Think you just skipped the word “either” or I read your comment wrong haha.

I think this is illegal. If you are able to control the movement of whatever stack you have and another cone, that is possessing two different things which is not legal.

Stacked cones don’t count toward the possession limit, I’m pretty sure you can cary a stack while picking up a cone.