Deflation of Large balls.

hey all,
Friday evening, my team gathered to run some skills runs and get an idea of field timing. To do this, we needed a full field set so i inflated 8 brand new large balls to the perfect size. no small, no larger. Following all suggested steps, the large balls were properly inflated and used for 3 full runs. No punctures or scratches were reported after looking at all 8 balls very carefully. This morning, when i arrived to do some programming, i noticed that 5 balls looked identical to how I left them on Friday night however 3 large balls have deflated. there are no apparent leaking points (cant hear air escaping). Any ideas what may have happened? has anyone witnessed similar problems? It reminds me of when a balloon shrivels up. that’s what they look like but the other ones are not like that.


Totally normal. Just like a regular beach ball, these objects slowly leak small amounts of air. It is normal.

I have noticed our objects are getting warped. Has anyone else seen this?


Are you talking about the buckyballs?
What do you mean by warped? Does the plastic look like it got too hot and started melting, or do the flat surfaces bulge out?

Large Balls. It is not a circle. It is sort of an oval shape.

Did they get over-inflated?
Were they set next to a heater? :wink:
Other than those options, I wouldn’t know why a large ball would do that.
Does it stretch where shown in the picture? (Perpendicular to the seams.)

That is what many of my big balls look like.

I have had to construct a big ball intake that could intake diameters from a broader range than instructed in the manual by an inch in either way at least.

Thanks all. As far as another thing i noticed goes, bucky balls become quite soft over time. They are kept in room temperature with no heats or any strange situations. They arrived very hard (non-compressible) and now there are certain parts of the bucky ball that are still rather hard but other areas where you can effortlessly compress the ball and push in. Anyone else notice this?

Yep! Same thing happened to ours to.

Ours as well. I doubt it will ever get to the point where it will effect a robots ability to move them though. It might make their rolling more predictable though!

For the buckyballs, plastic game objects like the Round Up tubes and Gateway objects did have soft spots occasionally. Haven’t personally seen the large balls, so I don’t know what to make of that.

Agreed. i doubt that they will reach the point where intake will change but i must say that ive used these current bucky’s (we rotate through them so they all wear down evenly as we have extra…) for about 2 weeks of practice (really isnt that much time when we dont practice more than half our of actual driving every night.) and they are already quite soft in spots so i predict that when four robots are always moving the bucky’s around for a 7+ hour day (and ESPECIALLY WORLDS), the balls will become VERY soft. Do the feilds swap out scoring objects frequently at worlds to keep them in tip-top shape (im also assuming they rotate through big balls so they can re-inflate some) similar to an umpire giving a pitcher a new baseball during a baseball game? This could help keep scoring objects as close to their starting properties as possible…

I highly doubt that there will be bucky ball swapping at Worlds.

I think the soft spots in the buckies are just how they are made. If I remember right, we had new ones and some surfaces were hard, and some were soft when they were taken out of the box.