Delaware Parent looking for guidance

I just came to know about VEX robotics program.
Any clubs in Delaware , i can reach out for more info to get my kids started into it.
Any contact/help is highly appriciated .

Ashish Patel

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Hi Ashish and welcome to Delmarva Robotics. Presently we are down from our 200 team base to only about 20 active teams. If you go to, there is a map that shows all of the team locations and contact info.

If there is not a team in your school district or close to you, send me a message here and I’ll get you set up.

Our 2020-21 season is ending, as we do worlds in May (8 teams from Delmarva are participating). we will take a deep breath and start again 1 June with the new game.

Welcome to VEX and the forum!!


Normally we take a few minutes deep breath and start the new season right after game reveal (which will be on 22 May)… :stuck_out_tongue:


Loss of 3 Meter C-channel and 25 Kepts nut fine for any team breaking the 1 June start date. It’s the rule and we follow it. Back me and the other mentors on this… :slight_smile:

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lol… i wish i can back you on this… i do wish i can get a nice break too. but we have an important, bragging rights and pride at stake event in end June… something that we call SingVex… :frowning:


I know this is sort of off topic, But do you know any lists of teams from arkansas?

I would use the map search feature in robot events to find teams in your area. That way, you can filter by game and competition (VEXU, VAIC HS/U, VEXIQ, VRC, etc.)


I run the Delmarva map to help teams in our area. But @ColtTheBolt08 you can search in your state to find other teams. Because we are a region, the boundaries work a little different. RECF had assigned one to wrangle the zip codes, but it may be worth while to cross the border to see what is there.

We had a roboteer that passed on meals on the way home to get an advantage, I tried to explain that it was a full year until the next world qualification event. So we should toss the to the qualifiers to regionals? No. Well then, what about the prior events “Need to win them all”

So in May, looks like I’ll building. Thanks Meng!!


Thank u so much.
I will look into info you provided and reach out to you if further question.

Ashish Patel