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Pretty much that you casting shade to a team on a public forum. Not a great character trait for a team in terms of sportsmanship.

The correct course of action is to contact the EP and the RECF Engagement Manager and Team Engagement Manager. There they will be able to follow up correctly.


The red and blue sides are flip

I mistaken the thumbnail image for the event for the screen shot you pulled from.


Here’s your 147:

Here’s your 217:

I don’t think it’s completely unreasonable for the team to get either of these scores. It’s been said on the forum time and time again: A good driver with a bad robot is going to outperform a bad driver with a good robot. Instead of complaining about something you think isn’t possible, you maybe should take stock of what you have and look at ways for you to improve so that you can take skills champ instead of them next time.


Bro, look at the robot. Watch how the robot runs in the matches. Anything is possible with no physics.
We work hard on our robot and practice a lot.

They were 3rd in quals (and their sister team was 1st). They are probably good at driving.


Looking at matches, they also have a solo awp. That demonstrates that they can code well.

However, while I was following the tournament yesterday I was genuinely surprised at the 147 auto skills score because even the top high school team in our region (TX - R4, 151T) has a 146. However, it’s not that difficult as @LuxembourgIsACountry showed and is totally reasonable


Getting 140 in autonomous isn’t difficult at all, you just need to push the goals to their respective sides, no balancing or special tricks needed.


I did.

Looking back at the pictures of the hypothetical scores, it’s easy to see how they did what they did. You said their robot was capable of dragging goals and scoring the preloads. Their preloads evidently had 2 land on the post, and 1 in the base. That’s 7 points. Every robot should theoretically be able to push the goals across the field (unless you don’t have wheels, at which point I would love to see your design), so that’s another 140. That ends their autonomous run at 147.

In their driver’s run, my guess would be they pushed one goal up the platform and dragged another goal behind them, elevating themselves and 2 goals. That’s an additional 70, giving them the driving score of 217.

I have no doubt that you do. I also have no doubt that the team in question also worked hard on their robot and practiced a lot. I can assure you, everyone competing works hard on their robot and practices a lot. As I said, rather than complaining about a team that managed to outperform you on a certain weekend does nothing to benefit anyone. Go back, analyze what you did well and what you should improve on, and next tournament, blow this team out of the water.

The main question in the thread was:

Do you think there is cheating in this skills score?

And I can probably say with high confidence that the answer is no.

better than what we have in TX R1 right now, our highest prog in the region is currently 80 lol


Wrong - they cannot tip down the platform.

It’s totally possible that they took advantage of the already tipped platform, swapped the alliance goal colors, and then pushed it up.

What I’m saying is - and I’m sure others agree - don’t be so quick to assume that someone is cheating if you didn’t see the skills run itself.


dont know what you mean by this. This is for skills. When you take red mogo off the blue platform, the platform become balance - they cant tip it down.

With some driving wizardry, anything is possible. If you do it fast enough and precise enough, I believe it’s doable.

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Anything is possible with no physics and no time limit.

It’s safe to assume they can push and drag a goal up the platform.

It’s not that hard to imagine they pushed the blue goal up the red platform with a red goal in tow, went to the other end of the platform, and left the red goal similar to how the blue goal was, just on the other side. Goes back to the point about how a good driver with a bad robot beats a bad driver with a good robot every time.


You describing something that defies physics or gravity.

Ok, you are new to the forum. We don’t know your team number. Forum members are explaining to you it is possible and that many scenarios fit. Yet you continue to disparage the reputation of a particular team.



Sounds to me like you’re upset that a pushbot beat you in skills. Try directing this frustration into motivation to improve your own skills instead of baselessly accusing this team of cheating.